How to choose the best bookmaker? Which features should you pay most attention to?


Choosing a bookmaker is a serious matter, which has become more and more difficult in recent years. There are several dozen licensed operators on the market, and each of them offers the “best” offer. It’s hard to choose the one. There are many options, but the most important thing is that in the end the user feels good with his choice.

This article will present the most popular factors that people pay attention to when looking for bookmaker bets. Thanks to this, everyone will be able to determine their own direction and follow it.

Legality of the bookmaker

Each bookmaker should operate in accordance with generally accepted guidelines and meet the criteria of a safe and reliable service. How does the user know that the website works this way? He should check the gambling license. Information about the document is always located at the bottom of the page, along with the registered office address and data about the website owner.

The license document confirms that the operator meets all standards and can provide sports betting services.

Platform adaptation and application availability


Competition always works to the advantage of customers. Thanks to this, it is now standard for the sports betting platform to be properly optimized. This includes adapting to players from a given region and providing the most popular methods of using the website.

First of all, the bookmaker should be Polish, enable transactions in PLN and provide its users with payment methods popular in their region. Additionally, the entire website should be mobile optimized. This applies to the availability of the mobile application and website, which automatically adjusts to the size of the mobile device.

Betting offer

The betting offer should be as extensive as possible. The user should not feel limited in any way. That is why bookmakers choose not only the most popular disciplines such as football, tennis or basketball, but also niche ones that are popular with a fraction of their customers. Everyone is important and should always be given access to bets that suit them. This is the standard of today’s sports betting industry.


Check the odds offered by the bookmaker. If you are interested in football, check the entire round of a given league and compare offers. Choose the one that provides better conditions. Remember, however, that each bookmaker works differently and the fact that the Premier League has lower odds does not mean that this applies to bets on tennis or MMA.

Bonuses and promotions


Many users pay attention primarily to welcome bonuses and they mainly influence the final decision to open an account. However, it is worth approaching promotions with some caution. It’s good if the bookmaker has a unique offer, but you should look at it with caution. Often, a smaller amount with good terms turns out to be better than something potentially huge.

Customer service

Contact with customer service should be 24/7 and constant. It is worth checking whether the operator has arranged for a consultant who speaks Polish. Nowadays, the availability of live chat is also a must.


Choose the factors that best suit your expectations and check the bookmaker according to them. If the operator meets all key expectations, you can confidently register with him.

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