Choose a convenient way to contact online casino customer service

customer service

Contact with staff is one of the most underestimated aspects of the functioning of portals with games of chance. The player doesn’t pay attention to this option until he needs it, but by then it may be too late. Hardly anyone remembers potentially problematic situations when everything is going well and this is a constantly repeated motif. Therefore, regardless of whether someone plays at online casino – before choosing, it is always worth checking what the customer service department looks like. This way you can make sure that any potential problems can be dealt with quickly enough.

Consultations in other languages

First, make sure whether you will be able to talk to the consultant in other languages. Just adapting the portal to recipients from different regions does not mean that the same was done in the case of service.

This is especially important for players who, for various reasons, cannot conduct such a conversation in English. Then you often simply give up contact and remain with the problem, and ultimately stop using the portal’s services. How to check customer service? Often, it is enough to simply click on the chat bubble icon and there will be necessary information about a Polish-speaking consultant. Alternatively, you can ask any question in Polish to see who will be connected.

Live chat is a staple in today’s iGaming industry

customer service

Consultations using live chat are now mandatory for every gambling operator. It is difficult to imagine that anyone would not decide to share this form of contact, and it is safe to say that if there is no live chat, you might as well give up such a portal.

This is the fastest and most convenient way to solve all casino-related matters. A website where a player spends his or her own money simply must provide the opportunity to be sure at any time how he or she can use it and be able to quickly dispel any doubts.

How to contact via live chat?

Casino operators have decided to standardize the use of live chat options and the process is almost always the same. Just click the speech bubble icon in the lower right corner. A field will appear in which you must enter your name, e-mail address and (optionally) the choice of conversation language. Then, open the chat and wait a maximum of a few minutes for the consultant to join you. Then you can continue the conversation on an ongoing basis.

Email/contact form

customer service

This is the second basic form of contact with the casino. It is mainly used to handle more formal matters. When you need to explain an issue/dispute in detail or send appropriate documents – e.g. verifying your identity.

The e-mail message or contact form is most often located in the “Contact”/”Contact us” tab. Just go to this section in the footer of the website and copy your email address or use the form. In the second case, the response always comes to the specified e-mail address.

Telephone conversation – is it still necessary?

A telephone conversation is an increasingly less used method of contact. In this case, the player has no record of the conversation and cannot produce any documents. That’s why most people just choose live chat or email. The telephone is still used by casino operators, but less and less often and it is not strictly necessary to conduct convenient conversations with a representative of the portal.

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